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Credit cards! Wonderful, convienent, and vulnerable!


You go into a site, find what you want, enter you
credit card number and purchase the product.
Using the secure form you feel SECURE in knowing
your card number is going where is supposed to
be right?
Well, most of the time that's true but anytime during
the transmission  your card info can be intercepted
by internet thieves over the phone or cable line.
Merchants are aware of this so they use encryption.
Without getting technical encryption changes your
card number into a "code" and is sent to the merchant
which has a program to "decode" it.
The bottom line is that supposedly any encrypted
information can only be used by the merchants encryption
The internet thieves have powerful programs to break
ANY encryption code!
Even the government is having problems with this!

The only thing we have to our advantage is that
credit card companies are very helpful when
it come to credit card fraud. Call them up,
dispute a charge, find out who stole your
card number (maybe), and the charge to
your account is erased.

But, this takes time. I can sum it up in
one word. HASSLE!!!

That's one reason I don't accept credit cards.
Until they create an encryption code that's around a
half a million bits I'd rather use checks.
Takes a little longer, but is much safer!

Despite this problem, people still insist
on using them so in the future I will make it


A computer geek, musician created this site. Me!!! My fingers are
very nimble from playing guitar for 25 years so I decided to create
stuffed animals I could display on the internet. Now I know that
some of you ladies out there can out sew me hands down and
can put together the most beautiful creations imaginable but that's
not the point. I found that after I started this I actually enjoy it and
with the ability to program websites, I can show these little critters
without paying some idiot to design a site for me.


Which comes to my next subject! Before I put this website
together I visited at least 50 different sites containing
dolls, puppets, stuffed animals, you name it. Half my
time was spent trying to navigate thru these sites to
find their products for sale. I couldn't believe all of the
garbage they put on their pages! Buttons to press, links
to mess with, ugly,ugly page design, etc...
By the time you actually find their products you could
care less about purchasing them! If this is a professional
design (and it is) I don't want anything to do with it!
My pages are a "Welcome page", a "Product page", and
an "About page". PERIOD!!!

Imagine paying someone $2000 to $5000 dollars for this!
I have the ability to design a very professional site with
fancy templates, java applets, etc. but I don't use them
(except  the simple ones used in previous pages) for
obvious reasons. My first site was 15 MB. For those of
you not familiar with the terminology that's a HUGE,
HUGE site! My music website is around 4.5 MB (banner
links at the bottom) and this one is around 1 MB. (Mega bite).

For those of you on a shoestring budget (I understand
because I am) and wish to sell your products on the
internet I will offer my services at a fraction of
the cost. I'll undercut ANYONES price! And I'll teach you
how to maintain and update your site! All you need do is
e-mail me and we can talk further.

I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Come back often!