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                  ORDER NOW!!!
         HERE'S HOW!

 1) Please send me an e-mail stating which
 critter or critters you'd like to give a
 home to and how many. I'll start helping
 them pack their bags!
 They'll be thrilled to death!!!

 2) Send a check or money order for the
 total purchase. SHIPPING IS INCLUDED!!!
 Please send it to this address:
 Gerald Talbott
 P.O. Box 145 Chalk Hill Pa. 15421.

 Once I recieve it I will e-mail you
 and let you know your new critter's on
 it's way! Unfornately, I don't have the
 ability to accept credit cards yet. I will
 in the near future for those who prefer to
 use them. Checks are much SAFER!
 Please go to the ABOUT page for some
 interesting information on using credit
 cards on the internet.

     Don't run away yet!!!
      Here's my e-mail address:

 My zoo is expanding very fast. Even as I am
 building this page there'll be 2 more
 residents to check out in just a few days
 and a third is moving in by 5/20/00. This
 site is brand new with just a few tenants in
 it I know! But soon they'll be quite a
 number of them to choose from at very
 reasonable prices. Please bookmark this
 page and come back often!